November 11, 2011

Writing Presentation

I had been doing my Writing Presentation all day and I finally stopped for a break. It was a Saturday, but my teacher had informed my class that she could check over our presentations if we turned them in to her by Sunday night. I had multiple presentations that I wanted to finish and I had scattered my attention amongst (more ...)

Presentation for Sale

I decided, once I had finished my in-class presentation, that I would place my Presentation for Sale. I was a first year, university student and I was having trouble living off of my student budget. I thought that having my Presentation for Sale would make a small amount of money that I could put to good use. I thought about (more ...)

Write my presentation

I was lying down on my bed, ready to Write my presentation on the decline of available jobs for the unemployed in the US job market. When all of the sudden, I got a call from my best friend. Apparently, she just had a fight with her boyfriend and had been kicked out of their shared apartment. I couldn't help (more ...)