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How to write a discussion essay?

Stuck trying to write a discussion essay? This assignment is rather complex, which is why having a step-by-step guide at your disposal will come in handy. Here is a detailed description of the structure of a discussion essay with a strong emphasis on the major aspects one needs to take into consideration when writing it. Adhering to the writing rules highlighted in this guide will make an essay much easier to read.

The structure of a discussion essay

A good discussion essay should include a thorough research study of different aspects of the issue under consideration. One needs to begin by demonstrating a deep understanding of a topic before presenting one’s personal opinion and conclusions. A common structure of a discussion essay is as follows:

  • introduction (including a thesis statement);
  • main body paragraph (arguments for);
  • main body paragraph (arguments against);
  • conclusion.

This discussion essay structure is easy to follow. However, it is vital to make sure paragraphs are coherent, and that the transitions between them are logical. A thesis statement should be clear and understandable. Both arguments for and arguments against should be supported by evidence. Presenting an objective description of an issue is of key importance in essay writing. In case it is required to state an author’s personal opinion, one should do that in a separate paragraph and offer a sufficient amount of arguments. A concluding paragraph should provide readers with a summary of main ideas.
Taking a look at a well-written discussion essay example will help learn more about formatting and structure. In addition, one may also come across a few useful writing techniques.

Main parts of a discussion essay

The first and most important aspect of discussion essay writing is to create a detailed plan. The first step is to conduct a profound research study. The next step is to outline an essay. One needs to decide what one’s stance on the subject in question is, as well as gather relevant information to prove one’s point of view. Each paragraph should consist of a clear idea and supporting evidence.
The next part is writing an introduction. It is advisable to begin with a hook to get a reader interested. The subject of a research study should be introduced in the form of a thesis statement. A thesis statement is included in an essay to present a research topic and to outline major issues.
Limiting each paragraph to one idea helps a reader stay focused on the subject-matter of an essay. In case the issue in question is rather controversial, the best way to showcase it is to dwell upon each aspect of the problem in detail and to provide objective arguments. All presented ideas should be supported by evidence. Back them up by citing trusted sources or by providing relevant examples. Using statistics to back up theoretical findings is another great way to demonstrate that the issue under consideration has been well-researched.

The last part of a discussion essay is a conclusion. One is required to summarize all vital points in one paragraph, as well as to demonstrate that the main point established in the thesis statement has been proven. The concluding paragraph should also provide the reasons why this particular subject is so important. When one is done with writing, enough time should be allocated to editing and proofreading. An essay needs to be coherent, and there has to be a logical transition from one idea to another.

Common discussion essay topics

The key factor in writing a discussion essay is choosing a lesser-known subject and conducting a profound research study on it to show a reader why this issue is so significant. Here are some of the most common discussion essay topics one should avoid.

One of the most popular discussion essay topics is the influence of computer games on individuals. Tons of research has already been conducted on this issue, and there is no need to provide more. Another topic to avoid is cloning. The question whether it should or should not be banned has been brought up in essays so often that professors are getting tired of reading another piece of writing dealing with this subject. Gun control is another issue students often choose. Even though the problem of gun violence is far from being solved, all vital arguments regarding this issue have already been voiced. It is highly unlikely that one will be able to provide unconventional solutions regarding this subject.

Discussion of essay writing mistakes

There is a whole range of common essay writing mistakes students make. They include:

  • Lack of structure. It is quite difficult to read an unstructured essay. Readers need to know what the problem under consideration is. Outlining the structure at the beginning of an essay will be very helpful.
  • Rambling. Rambling is the direct result of poor essay structure. One needs to figure out what one is going to say, and to organize one’s thoughts in a logical way.
  • No transition between paragraphs. An essay consists of different parts, but they still need to be connected. There has to be a logical transition from one idea to another. Planning an outline of an essay beforehand helps to avoid such problems.
  • Non-relevant parts. Not having enough time to write an essay results in filling the gaps with irrelevant bits. Such sections should be rewritten as soon as one notices them.
    The main idea is not clear. This problem occurs when a student fails to state a topic and define the key terms of an essay. The solution is to explain the issue in a way that will be understandable to a reader.
  • Difficulty. If an essay is difficult to read, it means that it lacks conceptual clarity and illustrations. Supporting each idea with a relevant example is the best way to go about this particular problem.

To sum up, it is vital to provide answers to the questions raised in an essay. Such a piece of writing should have a clear outline. It should also be structured logically to help readers understand the problem. The latter is one of the reasons why readers cannot comprehend ideas an author of an essay is trying to convey. In addition, every new term that is introduced in an essay should be explained. The fact that it is clear to an author does not mean that a reader is familiar with that notion as well. The best way to illustrate new terms is to provide an example in case it is possible. If not, one needs to explain it in a simple way. Overly complicated writing style is to be avoided. The best discussion essay writing advice is to imagine that one needs to explain a complex notion to a group of people who have never heard about the topic under consideration before.

Taking everything into account, discussion essay writing can be a complex task to complete. In order to avoid common mistakes, one needs to create a step-by-step plan and stick to it. A properly written essay should have a clear structure: an introduction, main body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Arguments and points of view expressed in these sections should be linked to the main idea of an essay. In case one is uncertain whether one’s essay is structured logically or not, taking a look at a properly written essay sample will come in handy. The most common mistakes one needs to avoid when writing an essay include rambling, unclear ideas, a lack of structure, no transitions between paragraphs, difficulty understanding the main idea, and the abundance of irrelevant parts.
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