October 27, 2011

Writing Assessment

Just like the other types of assessment, Writing Assessment is not different. One has to know the areas that need concentration, and the areas that can be checked at a glance. Emphasis should be given to written assessment, more than other forms of paper assessment. This is because writing plays a key role in any paperwork. In Writing Assessment, the (more ...)

Assessment for Sale

Not many people go for Assessment for Sale services, because people have not learnt to appreciate the importance of an initial assessment before a paper is submitted to the tutor for the final assessment. Learners do not see this process as adding value to their work. They consider it a waste of both time and resources. It has however been (more ...)

Write My Assessment

The best way to do a personal assessment is to have a track record of performance. This enables you to analyze performance trends while working on a paper. From the performance, it will be easy to tell if someone is making progress, or just declining. The performance registered should also be reflected by the tutor’s performance analysis. This is how (more ...)

Do My Assessment

Personal assessment is very critical in any work. This is why many writers and students will try to assess their work before submitting it to the tutor for assessment. Those who do personal assessment are likely to score more marks, compared to the students who just submit their work after doing it. Personal assessment will help an individual to realize (more ...)