October 27, 2011

Writing Article

The process of writing an article can be very exciting for learners, if they learn how to successfully write an article, and they begin to realize its importance in the society. Writing Article is a process that takes time, and it does not come easily, unless the writer is very committed, and ready to take time to learn. Since the (more ...)

Article for Sale

Writing articles has been in the increase in the recent past. There has been a lot of competition by companies who offer an Article for Sale. These companies in the past used to enjoy a monopoly as there were few companies in this field. People only used the institutions in order to learn how to write articles, or get samples (more ...)

Write My Article

An article is any piece of writing that narrows down on a particular topic. The writer is expected to be knowledgeable on the topic in question. He should be in a position to convince the reader, or even change the readers mind about a particular event or topic. At the back of my mind I factor in this aspect whenever (more ...)

Do My Article

Do my article is a type of essay where the writer gives his independent view on the topic of discussion given. Unlike other essays, this type of work has a lot of freedom in writing since the writer is given an opportunity to discuss at length what he feels, and express his arguments fully. The writer is required to follow (more ...)