October 24, 2011

Writing application essay

When I completed my high school, I spent a year before I started to think of joining college. In the back of my mind I knew that when the time comes to join the college, I will just write an application essay mentioning the course I wished to pursue. Little did I know that writing application essay was something different (more ...)

Application essay for sale

In many cases writing an application essay may not be easy as one may think. Different universities have different requirements concerning application essays. Every person wishes to be admitted in the best universities in the state, which can help him/her pursue the career dream, and sometimes it proves to be a challenge to put into writing what your intentions are. (more ...)

Write my application essay

When I was applying for my degree course at the university, I really had problems on how to Write my application essay. At first, I never thought it was of any importance to state clearly the reasons as to why I wanted to join the university. What mattered most to me was the admission, since I had the required points (more ...)

Do my application essay

It is the dream of every student who completes his/her secondary school education to join the university or some other institution of higher learning. I am among those students who completed their secondary school education and I wish to join the university. The only problem I have is how I am going to do my application essay, since I heard (more ...)