October 24, 2011

Writing admissions essay

Being a graduate does not mean that one is competent in all fields of academics. This is the wrong perception that many people have about university graduates; they tend to believe that a graduate can handle all sorts of academic problems. One day a young man who was wanting to attend university approached me to assist him in writing admission (more ...)

Admissions essay for sale

The essay writing companies do a marvelous work by providing essay writing services for students, because sometimes it is not easy to excel in academic work without extra effort. All the essay writing services are important, but especially the admission essay for sale that they provide to students who are to join colleges and universities. Though writing admission essay for (more ...)

Write my admissions essay

I do not support the idea of writing admission essays each time a student has to join a university or a higher institution of learning. This is because the students who do not write good admission essay are regarded as being incompetent by the Admissions Board, and they even fail to admit them to the university. I was in such (more ...)

Do my admissions essay

I was so happy to get my college admission letter. I thought that I was not to be admitted in the university because I had missed the university admission cutoff point by a single point. But luckily the government reviewed the mark points for university entry and this time I made the grade. After receiving the admission latter, I ran (more ...)