February 6, 2012

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October 24, 2011

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I sometimes wonder why parents are not interested enough to determine the level of learning their children can achieve, and where their talents lie. There was a boy who had a lot of challenges when writing academic writing in elementary school. Yet his parents forced him to continue at school even though it was not easy for him. Apart from (more ...)

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I remember a girl I used to go to school with in high school, who had a phobia for exams, and each time we were to sit for a test she always wet herself. The stigma increased when other classmates laughed at her,. I used to sympathize with her situation. One day I shared her story with a friend of (more ...)

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Today learning is much easier due to technology innovations, and schools do not have to buy books for library use any more. Students on the other hand are enjoying the free style of learning whereby they do not have to carry a pile of text books for revision. Today books can be accessed from the internet. I feel relieved because (more ...)

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Schooling is fun, but only to those who joined school with the aim to excel in academic work, and have a chance for a bright future. Not all students are willingly going to school for the sake of learning; some are forced by circumstances to be at school, and are without a purpose. When I joined high school I felt (more ...)