March 20, 2018

Natural language processing and computational linguistics

Natural language processing is the process of recognition of human (natural) language, its comprehension, and generation. As the ability of the computer to understand a spoken language and generate replies, NLP is a part of artificial intelligence. The development of the technology is not as fast as expected mainly because spoken human language has nothing in common with the perfectly-structured (more ...)

Social media analysis

Social networks contain plenty of people (or actors) who build certain links or ties. It allows us to call these websites social structures and analyze them using networks or graph theory. A sociogram obtained in the result looks like a picture with a lot of dots (actors) connected by lines (ties). Social network analysis is based on a set of (more ...)

Spoken language processing

A speech-based interaction between humans and machines has been a fiction once. Today however, it is a rapidly developing field of computing technology related to artificial intelligence and machine learning. The mechanism behind comprehending human speech is very complex, both in technology and neuroscience. Over the last 50 years, a sufficient achievement has been done in creating the speech recognition (more ...)

Machine learning

The idea that machines shall learn through experience still looks ambitious to many of us. Taking the limited abilities of artificial intelligence, we expect machines to do exceptionally what they are programmed to. However, the evolution of machines and especially software brought engineers a new hope. It appears that machines can learn from data to produce reliable and repeatable results. (more ...)

Behavioral health

  Maintaining a strong behavioral health is critical to one’s well-being. Behavioral health is close to mental health, but while the latter covers a broad range of psychological issues, behavioral problems have a neurological or biological reason. While one’s behavior has a strong connection to character and personality, many people cannot control their behavior. It happens for those who suffer (more ...)