June 19, 2018

Xiaomi management strategies. Essay sample


One of the reasons why Xiaomi is such an interesting brand to conduct a research on is that the company does not have a distinct strategy. Their main goal has always been to create a smartphone that does not cost much but looks like an iphone.

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The management strategies within the company are as follows: every time a new employee comes to work at the company, they are familiarized with Xiaomi’s philosophy. The philosophy is formulated like this: first get big, then get good. In such a way, it becomes clear that the main aim of the company has always been to become a popular brand on the market which the customers will identify and remember. The next step is to work on improvements.

Speaking about the techniques with the help of which a company can get big, the example of Xiaomi suggests that they are as follows: identifying the market or markets the company wants to enter; presenting the advantages which the company offers for a potential customer as well as developing the detailed steps the company needs to take in order to achieve the goal which they have set.

Taking everything into consideration, it is important to keep in mind is that Xiaomi is one of those rare companies that did not have a properly written strategic plan when they entered the market. Yet, what they knew is that the market and its customers wants to get a functional smartphone that does not cost much and the company has been able to offer such product to its target audience.

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