June 5, 2018

Written critique of mock counseling session. Essay sample


Have been looking for a well-written and properly formatted essay sample dealing with the subject of a mock counseling session? Take a look at the one right in front of you.

The main reason why mock counseling sessions are organized is that they helps students to develop counseling skills. In other words, counseling sessions help to learn through experience.

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When analyzing a mock counseling session dealing with the issue of multicultural awareness, the first thing to pay attention to is the way in which the counselor asks a client about their ethnic identity and background. Thus, it is vital to take a look at the exact wording as well as the tone of the dialogue. Then, it is also essential to see how the client responds and what phrases they use so that to dwell upon their multiracial identity. In case a counselor knows someone who also has different ethnic backgrounds, it is worth sharing this information with the client.

Speaking about all those skills that a student will develop while participating in mock counseling sessions, they are as follows: client observation; summarizing information; asking important questions that help the client open up about their experiences; analyzing behaviors; paraphrasing what the client has said; showing support; becoming an attentive listener as well as allowing their clients to reflect on their thoughts and actions.

Taking everything into consideration, participating and observing mock counseling sessions teaches counseling students a lot as well as shows them how real counseling sessions should be held and what techniques and phrases should be used in order to make a client feel comfortable.


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