July 2, 2016

World War II/other major historical events: What was their significance? How did these events impact history?



World War II as the most destructive and expensive war in the history left nothing intact. Its aftermaths are the most diverse and difficult to ignore even at the present moment. Some countries registered great losses while the others got a lift to their international potential. World War II, just as other conflicts and rebellions, surely dragged some positive changes for society, so that the offspring of warriors now make sure their ancestors did not die in vane. Nevertheless, no war has ever been started as a drive to economic development, thus devastation is a major point to put a stress upon.

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The US obtained a considerable economic boost due to enhanced manufacturing of weapons which were further sold to the Allies. The Depression was over also due to the rush scientific progress; inventions initially aimed at speeding up the war but then they transferred into the post war society where they made a progress in electronics and computing techniques.

European countries, unlike the US, revealed huge losses in the aftermath of the war. England and France lost their powerful status as each of them was either bombed or experienced effects of Nazis occupation. Their colonial status was also brought down, and they could not be compared to the US or Soviet Union any more.

World War II made heinous effect upon population, as the Eastern Europe underwent huge human losses. Germany and Soviet Union are claimed to lose about ten percent of their population in war, though this figure will rise even higher as we take into account victims of the Nazis regime and Communists ideology and repressions. Actually, the millions of people who died in this and alike wars is the first thing to draw attention of the offspring so that they can realize what “a war” actually means.

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