December 19, 2017

Working mothers essay sample


To begin with, the first thing one needs to figure is whether there are differences between being raised by a working mother and by a stay-at-home mother. There is no doubt that there will be a lot of arguments on this issue.

However, what is also important to understand is that it’s time to stop discriminating against working women who also want to be mothers. The thing is that in this case they will most likely need to find a job with a more flexible schedule. Yet, it is absolutely possible to be both: a mother and a successful woman that has already achieved a lot in her career and continues to do so after the birth of the child. Apart from that, at job interviews women are often asked the question of what matters to them more: pursuing their careers or having a family. The thing is that there is no need to choose only one of these aspects when it is absolutely possible to combine both. Unfortunately, some people fail to understand that. If you are willing to read more regarding working mothers, you will find a lot of useful information at …

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