March 21, 2018

Why should we go to opera in XXI century? essay sample

With the emerging new forms of entertainment, classical arts such as a ballet, opera, even theatrical plays are having hard times. After The New York City Opera turned bankrupt in 2013, many more opera houses over the world experienced similar difficulties. Old plays do not sparkle anymore, and there is no way we can successfully reform something as conventional and classic as opera. You can see most devoted mature fans in the opera house today, while young people seem to be fascinated by different arts. In fact, there are more reasons to like opera than we can imagine.

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For starters, we all like some drama. La Traviata, Don Carlos, Tristan and Isolde, or Eugene Onegin – these and many other grand operas reveal human conflicts, tense relationships, or real-life problems that trigger emotions in each of us. They touch big human themes – life, love, death etc. Even if our own life is absolutely quiet and deprived of drama, we all like to see it on the screen. Or better at the stage. So why do most of us stay away from opera? Is it because we do not quite get the lines of the actors?

It turns out that we do not need to listen to the lyrics exactly to understand opera well. We may visit an opera house abroad or go to see a popular foreign-language play so that we inevitably expect to miss some information. Nevertheless, we find it perfectly understandable without translation in a while. Also, opera gives us a chance to evaluate the power of human voice and beauty of music. It is so important to listen to some classical music in times when pop-culture takes over.

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