July 9, 2018

Why are physicians reluctant to remove life support systems. Essay sample


A lot of patients have definitely experienced an issue when physicians are reluctant to remove life support systems or even refuse to do it completely.

Here are the main reasons why they do it. To begin with, it is vital to mention that there are tons of legal issues associated with the subject under consideration. In such a way, a lot of doctors merely do not want to end up in jail because of removing life support systems too early. To put it shortly, there are a lot of details to take into consideration regarding the legal documents and the punishment a doctor can get for removing a life support system.  

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Another aspect to take into consideration is the fact that every physician tries to do their best so that to help a patient. In such a way, they will not remove a life support system even when there is a 1% chance that a person will get better and will finally be able to breathe and function on their own. The task of a doctor is to help every patient and to try every possible curing method which presupposes that doctors will try to implement all existing techniques in order to save their patient. The question of ethics should be mentioned as well when the subject under consideration is the removal of life support systems.

Taking everything into account, physicians will most likely keep a patient on life support system for as long as possible hoping that the latter will soon get better. Yet, a physician can suggest that there no longer is a point of keeping a patient on life support. In this case, it will be the decision of the patient’s family members.

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