June 28, 2016

Where should society set the boundaries for freedom?



Freedom is a basic human right guaranteed by numerous constitutions around the world. We distinguish various types of freedom which refer to unrestricted opportunities and manifestations in all the spheres of our life. While we usually associate this notion with open expression of thoughts and own management of our living, freedom frequently implies putting no limits to actions and behavior of individuals even if it nurtures disgusting phenomena like discrimination. In the countries with high standards of freedom the law is usually provided with additional restrictions and remarks that ban expression of malicious attitudes and respective behavior.

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Even if we agree that freedom is our moral and constitutional right, total mess and disorder would rule in place where no person is restricted from acting in their own way. Certain restrictions should be put on spreading illegal content like pornography, expressing hostile attitudes towards racial groups, national and sexual minorities, and which is more important Р on use of gun. The latter remains too be an urgent topic for authorities due to the extremely exacerbated situations with the overuse of gun. It is a vivid example of how non-restricted opportunities pose a threat to our life.

Limiting human freedoms is not so abusive and revolting as it may seem. In our miscellaneous society it is rather a preventive measure which aims at securing safety for members of society from one another. Restriction of freedom to particular expressions shall be implemented in every society which aims at remaining socially stable and friendly for citizens.


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