July 1, 2016

What things should remain secrets?



Keeping secrets is sometimes treated like dishonesty and deceit. Our friends and family require from us to be open and frank, and they can be shocked or bewildered by the fact that there are some matters which we would like to keep secret. Besides private life, secret or classified information remains concealed from the judges and the court when no special exceptions are provided to the case. Keeping information private does not disrupt the work of courts, quite on the contrary, it gives a chance to avoid punishment for those who are not guilty.

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The first thing which shall be kept private is medical information about a person. The exceptions concern investigations of criminal cases – then such information can be demanded from suspected individuals. Otherwise, it is person’s own business which cannot be revealed to public by doctors or authorities.

The next type of information necessary to be concealed is data about the activity of intelligence services. This direction in the governmental policy is characterized by concealing information for the sake of state security and preventing potential attacks. That is why secrecy is crucial for proper activity of such organizations.

The other information that must remain private is communication between attorney and his client; it can be revealed by the agreement of both sides, but usually the attorney has no right to declare in public their private talks with the client. The same refers to priest-penitent communication.

The private information mentioned above must be legal to remain secret. However, investigating the most nasty crimes court shall be allowed to have an access to every kind of information marked as classified.

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