June 28, 2016

What problems would arise if we could cure all illnesses and eliminate hunger? How would we address those problems?



In the course of human development global problems continually change: some of them vanish, the others appear. For example, such practice as slavery was gradually eradicated, but poverty and hunger still remain and continue to destruct the whole societies. While the problem of racial discrimination soon will meet its end, it was succeeded with discrimination of people with specific sexual orientation. It seems that such global issues do not vanish at all, they just flow into one another, like energy does. Thus, the problems go round and are unlikely ever to end up. Consequently, if we assume that humanity would be cured from all illnesses and no children in rural areas of Africa would die from hunger, we have no more illusions that the earth could turn into paradise.

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As humans due to some features of their nature are very unlikely to appreciate individuals who are different or odd to some extent, the issue of global discrimination is not going to cease its existence.  We will always believe that we are perfect and prejudice others as flawed. Interpersonal relationship is an area where a lot of pitfalls are hidden; as we were taught by the history, human envy, malice,  and greediness are major destructive drives that give a birth to the most nasty models of behavior, like Nazis regime, for instance.

World biggest problem are, unfortunately, extremely difficult to combat. It would be highly optimistic to assume that one day all the problems can just vanish. That is why people shall remain patient in this respect and solve the problems they face everyday.

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