October 9, 2017

What problems could cloning people solve? essay sample


Well, it is quite clear that the issue of human cloning is an ethical one as not everyone agrees with the idea of possible cloning of people. Surely, one needs to research this subject properly in order to learn that there are lots of advantages.

For instance, infertile parents will be able to have kids due to the fact that they will be able to simply clone themselves and have a biological child. As soon as human cloning becomes a well-researched subject, it will be possible to find medicine to cure those diseases that are incurable at the moment. Organ transplantation will get so much easier as a human organ would be cloned from an organ’s tissue. In addition, it will also become possible to eliminate birth effects which will most definitely be a huge achievement. There is no doubt that a lot has to be done right now in order to make all this possible as the field is still not properly researched. Apart from that, the success rate nowadays is very low which is obviously unacceptable. Yet, it can be a breakthrough in medicine.

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