July 1, 2016

What jobs should never be replaced by technology?



Globalization makes its own amendments into life of ordinary workers. Alongside with rush industrialization, automation, and robotization hundreds of people in America and Europe lose their jobs as most operations are done by machinery. Nevertheless, it would be unwise to blame technological progress in depriving people of their jobs: the balance is preserved as old occupations are succeeded by new ones. On the other hand it would be incorrect to say that industrialization helps in beating poverty and unemployment, but we shall agree in one fact – global changes take time.

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Despite a tendency towards robotization in every sphere of life, a certain range of occupations will remain untouched by this process, at least in the near future. Among others jobs in field of health care and education belong here. Today it is really difficult to imagine complicated operations conducted by surgeon-robots. Human body can appear much more complicated than a machine with artificial intelligence, and being a surgeon requires not only deep skills and knowledge but also quick reaction and decision making in the most unpredictable situations. Similarly, it is ridiculous to assume children taught by a robot. On the one hand, it is nothing wonderful at the current stage of development but, on the other hand, teachers are not a mere source of information; they are also skillful psychologists who manage interaction between children besides doing their direct tasks.

Despite high optimization of processes provided by industrialization, it cannot affect spheres where live interaction of people is essential. Except for the occupations mentioned above here belong a full set of social jobs that imply counseling and solving arguments between individuals.

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