July 1, 2016

What is the most important place on earth?



Our earth has a full right too be called the most wonderful planet in the Universe. Fabulous diversity of its nature, uniqueness of species, clear perfection of its inhabitants – all these conditions make us live in the world of beauty and peace. However, not every place on our planet seems so idyllic: wars and conflicts make their own contribution to our environment. Images of areas devastated, destroyed by weapons, people suffering and struggling for every single day of their existence make us feel sorry for the loss of initial perfection once inherent to each place around the globe. Today people frequently travel to discover this beauty in the most distant places and argue which of them is the best place ever seen on earth.

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Fascinated by attractions of the foreign lands, we so often forget that our own place is no less unique and deserves a high praise too. People got used to think that the place where they live is the most mundane and second-rate. However, many of us realize the real value of old-shoe scenery as we leave our parents’ house to start own lives elsewhere or move from the place called “home” for years. Actually, there is nothing weird in the fact that we do not usually appreciate things we possess; but, definitely, after becoming distant to the place treated as common we fully understand how extraordinary it was.

A lot of places attract our attention due to the events which occur there or natural beauty promoted by travel agencies so that we can think that we shall be in more important area at the time. Nevertheless, our place always preserves a certain attraction visible only for us. That is why home is a treasure among all other places.

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