July 1, 2016

What is more important, honesty or compassion?



Honesty and compassion are key-segments without which the chain of human relationship cannot hold together. Both feelings are directed at building sound relations with the others, irrespective of whether it concerns close relatives or people we meet for the first time. Sticking to the principle of respect and appreciation of our social environment we leave no place for humiliation, lies, cruelty towards other individuals. And both honesty and compassion are going to help us to live in harmony with others and with ourselves.

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It is quite doubtful whether discharging either honesty or compassion will help us to make interpersonal relationships more positive. As a matter of fact, these two are basic concepts inherent to every spiritually mature person. Nevertheless, if these characteristics are opposed, the situation presumably concerns lying with the aim to comfort anyone upset or telling the truth so that an individual could realize the real size of the problem. Sources that comment on expression of morality treat this topic somehow ambiguous, consequently, we cannot say for sure that lies are destructive in every representation. To make a general approach for the problems like this we shall always take into account which tactics can benefit to individuals in question more. If we want to lie aiming to save people from any damage, we ought to do it; otherwise, if the person can solve the problem themselves due to realizing the real state of events, it is crucial to remain honest.

The proverb says that honesty is the best policy, and we cannot deny this fact. Nevertheless, honesty will be even better if it comes along with compassion.

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