July 2, 2016

What is global warming? Discuss the long term effects and explain the significance of past and current trends



The evidence of climate change taking place on the earth is incontestable. While meteorologists register a constant lift in average annual temperatures, a range of related phenomena is detected everywhere on the planet. In the first place it is clearly seen in tropical and Arctic areas: the change led to the appearance of events which have never been inherent to the places before. Melting glaciers became a mundane thing, which caused rising of sea level. Mountains all over the world lose their snow-cap which had been intact for centuries. Tropical hurricanes became more severe than before, moreover, here must be mentioned potent storms and destructive rainfalls which occur not only in tropical but also in mountainous places. Nevertheless, the fact of potential increase in the phenomena mentioned above is even more disturbing than the current evidence.

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Experts who monitor deviations in global change of climate point out that it tends only to increase over the time. The average temperature on the earth will rise in several degrees Fahrenheit over a century. It is more likely to result in greater damage to large regions on the earth, though, some areas can find certain benefit in climate change. A general tendency predicts that weather manifestations will be characterized by its extreme points. Some places will face only gradual increase in precipitations while the others will suffer from devastating floods. The same refers to droughts and desertification of lands. Breaking the balance between frost-free and growing seasons certainly make agriculture less efficient. The places covered with ice are going to melt completely.

Progressive governments do their best to improve the current situation with greenhouse emissions, though very few achieve success. The Kyoto Protocol aimed at international regulation of carbon gasses, although, it has not changed the image much and was succeeded by Paris Agreement and related acts.


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