July 4, 2016

What is a black hole?



Black holes have recently become an ideal topic for speculation. A massive bulk of science fiction, including spacetime traveling, refers to black holes as a source of the most incredible ideas. The laws of physics become really weird when we try to imagine how such a phenomenon works. It remains only to look at the reports of scientists who investigated the topic and wonder how they managed to draw all those complicated conclusions concerning such mysterious things.

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Getting closer to the nature of black wholes it is important to admit that they are infinite curves in spacetime. They are not solid objects; black holes appear when tightly compressed amounts of material develops so incredible gravitational force that they distort space where they appeared. These places are completely black and do not emanate anything at all. Due to the force of gravitation, nothing around a black hole can escape being caught into it. Scientists can detect black holes only if they investigate activity of the celestial bodies around.

Each galaxy has its own black holes; the Milky Way has a supermassive (meaning the largest) black hole in its center which is called Sagittarius A. However, it is still too far away from Earth to swallow it. Scientists claim that stellar (or small) black holes appear when an enormous star (much bigger than Sun) dies. It creates a kind of explosion which leaves an increasingly dense area which, nevertheless, takes no volume. Although, not all stars in the Universe are going to transform into black holes after they have no more fuel to run on, but the biggest of them, certainly, will.

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