July 6, 2017

What can be done to prevent divorce? essay sample



Marriage is a journey that ends up unexpectedly. Not a romantic comparison but still true for many Americans. According to the statistics provided by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 40% of marriages break up all over the US. Some couples break up soon after the wedding ceremony while the others break up having lived 20 years in a marriage. All of them have different problems and one thing in common – these people did not manage to create a strong emotional bond able to tie them for life.

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Apparently, people became more egocentric these days, which makes a shared living difficult. They do not break up because the daily routine is less romantic than they thought. They get a divorce because of inability to hear and understand each other. Egocentric people speak different languages and always protect their self instead of finding a compromise.

It is important to remember that saving a marriage is a challenge for two. One cannot prevent a divorce if their partner does not intend to save the relationship too. To make a shared living happy and bright, partners have to concede their own mistakes and think critically of themselves, in the first place. There is no point arguing if the person knows that their partner has a point indeed. Which is more, in a marriage people take responsibilities and keep their promises. In this respect, the couple shall make the household more comfortable to the partner. Do not think only about yourself if you have a loved one beside you. In order to make their life comfortable, spouses have to communicate effectively. Many couples fail at such a basic stage as communication. Always express yourself in the way your partner understands what you like or dislike. Do not expect the spouse to read your mind if you want him to respond in a certain way.

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