October 9, 2017

What an individual can do to help protect the environment? essay sample



Protecting the environment is one of the key aspects nowadays. What is more, it is that kind of thing that every individual should be concerned about to say nothing of the fact that we can change the situation for the better as soon as we unite our efforts.

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So, here is a list of things every individual can do in order to help save the planet: leave cars at home and use public transport instead; recycle; compost; don’t put hazardous materials in the trash; make sure that you do not buy more than you require (otherwise, a lot of things end up unused and in the trash); use rechargeable batteries and try to give things away instead of just throwing them out.

Obviously, there are tons of other things that a person can do to help preserve our planet. The most important thing to remember is is to continue doing something. All in all, we can do a lot if every single one of us starts doing more to save the planet.

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