July 1, 2016

We know that words have power, both negative and positive. What is the most powerful word in the English language?



All the most persuasive speakers in the history made a weapon of their famous speeches. They endued words with extraordinary power, thus made lasting impression upon their audience. Their secret lies not only in ability to manipulate but also in knowledge how to make meaning of their words carve into human memory. Putting a stress and underlining necessary information speakers can make us frightened, excited, or motivated. These emotions raise in our minds as the brain reacts to the words which carry prior emotional stress.

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According to the effect made upon listeners, we can distinguish positive and negative words. The most vivid of them are “yes” and “no”, however, there is a massive bulk of lexicon which serves to express positive and negative attitude. Words of approval and rejection have been proven to cause certain changes in our brain after they were processed by human mind. It happens as speakers frequently break up stable ideas in their listeners or provokes them to react vigorously towards given information.

Scientists underline that positive and negative words affect both physical and mental health in people. While we think that speakers vividly describing negative phenomena are able only to bring down our spirits, we do not realize the whole chain of processes taking place in our brain. Use of upsetting lexicon provokes hormones of stress to be produced in our brain which put us in imbalance. Negative words are powerful enough to make us feel sick after a speaker has expressed themselves. That is why we should not forget about the destructive influence of the word “no”, in the first place.

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