May 28, 2016

Union Strikes



Realization of the labor rights by employers is a key condition to maintaining peaceful atmosphere at the working place and achieving a satisfactory result. The tradition to go on strikes has developed in the course of history when workers felt that their rights had been violated. It started from pre-industrial strikes mentioned to take place in Ancient Egypt, and modern-like industrial strikes which considerably developed starting from 18-19th centuries.

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Most strikes occur, as it was already stated, when employers realize that their working conditions do not respond the salary, or when they receive no payment at all. The last variant used to be quite frequent as numerous organizations were through tough times when drastic delays in wages became a norm. Besides, poor conditions at the industrial facilities have been and still remain a solid reason to go on strike as people are reluctant to work when the danger to their lives is obvious. The characteristic feature of a strike is that the whole facility stops to work, thus the intentions of strikers can be almost tangible to the authorities.

The right to strike is guaranteed by constitution in many developed industrialized nations. Peaceful demonstrations show the mood of society and its disagreement with the policy of their employers or the authorities in general. Nowadays strikes have transcended from their initial industrial area and can occur on every level of social organization. They range from student to political pickets, which are manifestation of the will of social classes. Modern strikes take place as social groups seek to declare their rights in public or to express their views towards urgent social or political issues.

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