June 28, 2016

The meaning of color



The way people perceived outer world considerably influenced their beliefs so that a long time ago they started to draw connection between phenomena. This perfectly explains why we treat flowers of various colors differently and why the whole set of norms was invented that provides explanation which color is suitable to any particular occasion. Somehow we agreed that in the western culture black is suitable for people in grief, while white is perfect for wedding attire; scarlet roses shall be sent to beloved person, while yellow are strongly inadvisable for underlining interpersonal relations. All these and many more conclusions have been made due to a certain status given to every color.

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Meanings of colors have not been made up on random, quite on the contrary: even ancient people drew connection between natural phenomena and corresponding colors. Thus we have red color representing life, energy, ambition, power, and love as it is the color of blood, in the first place. Green has been accepted as color of balance and renewal which takes its roots from green foliage associated with spring and new life. Blue is a color of peace, security, and stability; apparently, this meaning was invented due to the bright blue color of a clear sky.

As all associations given above have been invented exceptionally by people, meanings of colors considerably differ from one culture to another. For this reason travelers must be attentive when using colors common for them in clothing and other means of self-presentation. All nations have their own beliefs which are fully displayed in their own perception of colors.

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