July 2, 2016

The impact of the internet on communication: How has the internet affected the way we talk?



The invasion of numerous acronyms, neologisms, and abbreviations borrowed from the jargon of social networks seems disturbing to people who still speak as they did before the Internet appeared. Indeed, today it is hardly possible for them to understand youngsters who speak some weird language and claim it to be English. Linguists still do not dare predict standard English borrowing much of these expressions as the perspective is quite distant and unlikely to happen. Nevertheless, internet jargon and slang have considerably affected our informal everyday communication with its abbreviations that became a mainstream.

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The culture of communication is a complex phenomena revealed in every case when we need to communicate with others. Its prior characteristic feature is a predominant effect of the environment. It is rather natural that we adopt the way other people talk to each other, or in this precise case – the way people chat, e-mail, sms, tweet etc..  The use of internet jargon became so appreciated also due to the general tendency of any language to simplification. People need their communication to be  fast, clear, and emotional at the same time so that they prefer simply to speak out loud generally accepted abbreviation.

The researchers wonder, whether the current way of communication indicates towards degradation or low level of education in teenagers. But it would be fair to conclude that the passion for newly-made expressions is just the result of fast globalization and spread of social networks. As long as we remain online, we will continue to use expressions like that, which, in their turn, will gradually change. Nevertheless, it does not obviously imply a negative impact upon formal communication.


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