June 28, 2016

The greatest discovery in the history of the world



Human civilization has changed dramatically over few last centuries. Scientific development presented us such inevitable things as construction of DNA molecules, antibiotics, x-rays which made a breakthrough in medicine, as well as gravity, solar system, and evolution which turned upside down human ideas of their place on the earth and in the universe. All these fascinating discoveries are tiny parts of an enormous puzzle as they all play equally crucial role in the current and further development of the science. Nevertheless, concentrating attention upon one of the greatest inventions it is worthy to investigate the impact which electricity has made upon modern humans.

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In the mid nineteenth century Michael Faraday discovered the process which gave a birth to creation of power stations producing electricity. When in that times people have been bewildered and even scared by light produced without candles and mantelpieces, they quickly realized how much the new invention optimizes resources and improves life. Indeed, today we realize that not only all the household management of the last two centuries but also recent digital rise occurred due to the appearance of electricity-based machines.

It is really difficult for us to imagine one day without electricity. The first thing that occurs to us is products rotten without the fridge and absence of water or central heating. As we have everything connected to the electrical grid, especially in big cities, the damage from collapse of the whole system may look actually disastrous. For this reason the invention of electricity takes a remarkable place among all other groundbreaking discoveries of the last centuries.

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