July 9, 2018

The Girl With Bangs. Essay sample


‘The Girl With Bangs’ is a short story written by Zadie Smith. The story is particularly fascinating to read because the voice of the narrator is very ‘strong’.

Basically, the story is about falling in love with a girl named Charlotte who chose not be with the narrator. She chose another man instead even though she was not in love with him. It just seemed like a rational choice. The reason why the story is called ‘The Girl With Bangs’ is that the narrator fell in love mainly because of the bangs Charlotte had. In such a way, one can even state that the bangs worked like a spell.

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One of the main themes of the story is that love seems to be the strongest feeling of all because it is possible to love and wish to be with someone even though one knows that the person is bad for them and will most likely end up hurting them. The character of Charlotte is definitely the antagonist of the story as she does not treat the narrator with respect. As a result of that, the narrator feels like they have been used. What is more, the author probably hints at the fact that Charlotte may not even be capable of true love.

Taking everything into consideration, ‘The Girl With Bangs’ by Zadie Smith presents the story of the narrator who fell in love with a girl who was not right for them and ended up being sad and hurt. ¬†Yet, it also proves that falling in love with someone is a feeling, not a choice.

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