May 28, 2016

Technology & Society



The level of technological development makes a significant impact upon the development of the whole society. Technologies affect every dimension of our everyday life, thus they change our habits and help to optimize our strength and save time. To some extent they unite people around the world as the latest inventions quickly spread due to the globalization. Among the major areas where   devices and people are closely interrelated are household, work, education, personal development, health, environment.

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The impressive effect of technologies upon our office activities cannot be overseen. Conducting our work with the help of more powerful computers and machinery like printers, xeroxes, faxes, useful software, access to the internet we can achieve higher results and optimize our time. No less important is the rise of technologies in the field of education. Today more and more schools can allow themselves computers, laptops, tabs, multimedia boards which offer broader possibilities to explain material vividly and graphically. Up-to-date school equipment contributes to primary school students in the first place, though these devices are same inevitable for high schools. Technologies directly influence general development of people as an overall access to the internet raises general awareness of humans according to what has happened a minute ago in any place of the globe.

Nevertheless, some negative phenomena are linked to the wide use of electronic devices. The most disturbing is the global climate change, which is caused by rush industrialization and total lack of recycling facilities. Right after that comes the health of society affected by excessive electromagnetic impulses produced by electronics. Moreover, a few mental problems like social phobia exacerbated after the invasion of social networks.


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