July 9, 2018

Summary of Place Matters. Essay sample


To begin with, it is important to highlight the fact that the book is focused on studying and analyzing the situation with many cities in the United States of America only. Yet, it gives the authors an opportunity to fully research the subject under consideration and come up with a few possible solutions.

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There are two common approaches to the process of revitalization of distressed urban areas. The first one is place-based. The general idea is to improve conditions in some neighborhoods. The second approach is people-based. Thus, the main goal is to create more opportunities for poor residents. Attracting investment and creating new jobs are those techniques which one would use for the place-based approach. Speaking about people-based approach, one would try to increase the mobility of low-income residents so that they could get to their workplaces which are typically located in other parts of the city.

The authors of the book highlight the fact that such characteristics as race, educational level and gender influence the amount of opportunities that people have. The access to higher education and well-paid-jobs also varies depending on these factors. The book is full of facts, statistical data and examples with the help of which it becomes clear why the United States of America is a society hugely segregated by place.

Taking everything into consideration, the book ‘Place Matters: Metropolitics for the 21st Century’ will be useful to anyone who wants to find out more about the state of cities and neighborhoods in the United States of America.


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