July 4, 2016

Sports stars should be positive role models


Popular personalities are always to some extent responsible for their fans. The influence of idols upon people who deeply appreciate their achievements is indisputable; it can be clearly seen upon teenagers who seek to be like their favorite music bands and sports stars. Though, the influence of the latter can appear even bigger, as they are popular among young and quite mature adults as well. Major people do not think properly when they copy their cult figures, and that can lead to appearance of certain trends which, unfortunately, not always are positive.

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Taking into account sports stars, it is important to underline their direct connection to promotion of healthy way of life. Cases when such personalities participate in advertising of alcohol, cigarettes, or fast food are vivid examples of inappropriate behavior which ruins positive image. It is a well known fact that advertising is very lucrative business, nevertheless, the example given above accentuates on moral responsibility attached to a famous person. Clearly, no healthy way of life can be achieved in the country if common idols advertise tobacco.

Maintaining certain behavior is not only about positive or negative image of a well-known person; it is mainly about support of the ideas promoted by state authorities and international organizations  (in this case –  a healthy lifestyle). Besides, famous people should not express any violence or hating attitudes or act in any other way which implies any offense or discrimination. Surely, when stars do not behave properly they became scandalized, hence, even more popular. Anyway, the influence of celebrities is very distinct and it implies responsibility for their actions.

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