May 11, 2018

Social values in Western communities. Essay sample

Social values. Essay sample

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The Western world serves as an example for a lot of countries, especially when it comes to social values. What is more, it took a lot of tome for the Western community to reach all those liberal aims.

Speaking about the social values that prevail in Western communities, they are as follows: constant search for the truth, freedom of expression, self-criticism, freedom of conscience, rationalism, equality before the law, liberal democracy, the separation of church and state and the rule of law. These values serve as a basis for a tolerant and peaceful coexistence.

What is particularly interesting to mention regarding the subject under consideration is that historically the social values of the Western society have always been viewed as superior. In addition, the fact that the Western community has been hugely successful culturally, socially, politically and economically has a lot to do with these values which the life in the Western world is built on. Besides, the social values of the Western communities have become so widespread that tons of countries have started to adopt them as well. The reason is that the values as based on the notions of freedom, the opportunity to create their own fate which every human being has as well as the pursuit of happiness.

Taking everything into consideration, social values of the Western communities are adopted and practiced by lots of countries nowadays. The thing is that the Western world popularizes the idea of the freedom of self-expression which is what every person on the planet dreams to be and to have. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to express themselves freely.

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