July 6, 2017

Social pressures are greater on students today than in the past essay sample



Students are always under the pressure. It depends on whether they study in a high school or university, but anyway, they are constantly threatened with a failure. Millennials appeared to be more predisposed to pressure than older generations. According to Gallup report, more than 20% of recent college graduates have changed jobs and occupations a few times in a year, which is much more than middle-aged professionals did. Apparently, it is a result of high expectations established in the society. Parents and teachers want students to choose the occupation yet in the high school and outperform peers to achieve success. Eventually, children choose a wrong occupation that makes them suffer from every single homework.

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First signs of pressure come yet at the middle school when parents decide that some subjects (like math) must be the prior ones even if children do not like them at all. Later on in high school, students take various tests that are supposed to help them choose the occupation. Unfortunately, those tests are mostly misleading. Therefore, society manipulates the students to make them choose an occupation considered as decent and well-paid. Eventually, such a “care” is odd for children who want to develop in their own way and pace.

On the other hand, parents can be understood too. Today we live in the developed world where qualified professionals compete for a higher gain. Obtaining education anyhow is not the way for young people to advance. But probably students shall have some more freedom in their choices. Parents shall definitely search for a compromise if their expectations differ from the prospect of their kids.

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