May 28, 2016

Social inequality based on money, class, name etc



Inequality remains to be one of the most frequently discussed social issues. It usually comes along with discrimination and poverty. The danger of this phenomenon lies in the fact that inequality is the precise factor which prevents a nation from being called “highly developed”. No matter how advanced are the technologies and which level of industrialization is achieved in the country, there is no way to become an example for the others when the gap between social classes continues to rise.
The first feature for groups of individuals to contrast is their wages. Capitalistic society already predetermined by its ideas and policies the highest profits for those individuals who run their own business. This policy is fair in respect to the relations on market, nevertheless it only underlines the gap existing between enterprises and a working class. Besides, it influences available amount of social protection including education and healthcare from which the poorest individuals are excluded.

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The next reason for inequality is racial discrimination which limits education and career perspectives to the individuals with the different color of skin whose nationality is considered to be second-rate. Racial discrimination is a reason for getting worse education and receiving lower salary afterward. Moreover, social communication us affected as well, because some people consider that belonging to the white race they can dominate and humiliate African Americans, national minorities, or immigrants.

Social inequality is a term that embraces many spheres in which individuals differ from one another.  Bridging a gap between social classes is one of the paramount issues for the authorities to promote.


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