October 9, 2017

Should underage girls be required to have parental consent to get an abortion? essay sample


As you have already understood, the topic under consideration is a complex one. That is the reason why it is impossible to say that there is only one right answer. Yet, there are tons of aspects to take into consideration.

To begin with, it is necessary to highlight that underage girls should most definitely have access to contraception. It is the best way to make sure that they will not have to deal with consequences later on. Speaking about getting parental consent in order to be able to have an abortion for an underage girl, this question is complicated. Yet, what is clear is that it should be the decision of the girl herself and not her parents. Besides, there is a very high chance that the girl is not ready to become a parent at such a young age. Thus, no one should force her to become one.

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Taking everything into consideration, the best scenario is always to prevent such situations rather than to deal with consequences. That is the reason why sex education is so important.

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