July 1, 2016

Should teachers be sent to the principal’s office if they show up late to class by more than 15 minutes?



Infraction of the school rules usually refers to the students and is punished by detention. Being late is not a rude violation but still it disrupts the studying process considerably and distracts a teacher from work at class. But what if teachers themselves breach the rules? Unfortunately, such cases become even more common at schools as some teachers consider that they are allowed to have more time for their personal business and to make students wait for them.

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As a matter of fact, school rules are equal both for students and teachers, their implementation is controlled by the principals. Consequently, all the violations should be reported to the principals, especially if they concern the teachers. Probably, the problem with being late to the classes can be solved by implementing a penalty for those who regularly fail to squeeze their personal business in the break-time.

As every principal is an employer, it would be quite fair for them to control quantity and quality of services provided by their employees. A penalty is not a really strict punishment, nevertheless, it will remind teachers that they ought to maintain reputation of their schools and do their job up to scratch. Good and respectable teachers are a potent stimuli that assure parents to chose this particular educational establishment for their children. That is why teachers must remain efficient and immaculate always when at school.

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