July 1, 2016

Should teachers be forced to take detention when students do not perform well in class?



Detentions has been and still remains an integral part of schooling. No more efficient form of punishing students for disobeying to the rules of school has been invented yet by teachers. Detention is a form of administrative punishment if we take a school as a community which is headed by its own authority. Students usually end up in detention for crossing generally accepted norms and disrupting studying process; it is always linked to inadmissible behavior at school aimed at preventing students from normal studying and teachers from performing their direct tasks.

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Putting students in detention for poor academic results is rather an odd practice. Low personal achievements are not obviously connected with banned behavior, but even when they are it is a delinquency students must be punished for. Probably the absence of home-tasks shall be punished but it may be extra home assignment for the next time rather than detention. But when a student permanently gets unsatisfactory notes, the initial reason for such tendency must be investigated. Probably, something distracts they from studying or they are just lazybones who cannot force themselves into schooling. Also the family matters can stand behind poor performance which is not a wonder for a modern society.

Apparently, the performance of students must remain for their parents to analyze and reveal the reasons. The role of school is to make sure that parents are aware of unsatisfactory marks and take control over the situation. To avoid speculations in this field, many schools provided the records about students’ success which is accessible for every parent on the web-site.

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