July 4, 2016

Should America provide foreign aid to countries that kill and sell items from endangered animals?



The most common manifestation of selling items from endangered animals all over the world is fur trade. Rare animals became a major target for poachers who demand a small fortune for the fur of exclusive species. Trade in endangered animals is mainly controlled by international legislative acts (like CITES), nevertheless, various countries interpret the notion “endangered” differently. While some of them apply it to species which are on the verge of extinction, the others give the alarm as any population in wild nature steadily decreases. Advocates of animals and wild nature are deeply anxious due to the existence of various measures to overcome the law and sell fur from killed species in many countries.

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Current situation in field of animal protection, certainly, leaves much to be desired. Obviously, preventive measures from the federal government are expected as a sound solution involves prosecuting poachers and implementing sanctions for illegal trade in fur. This dimension of international relations must not be overseen by any of developed countries that is why much stricter investigation on imported fur shall be implemented. Consequently, countries which violate rules must be excluded from further international trade.

Political sanctions can be manifested in different ways. As the foreign policy is conducted in various directions, the US could break up contacts with any other country which brakes established norms, including provisions on the import of fur. Closing vast American market for poachers could make a drastic change to killing endangered species in the whole world.

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