July 4, 2016

Schools should block Youtube



The problem of teenage addiction to social media emerged comparatively recently. When about some decade ago most schools had no access to the internet, students were much more concentrated on their classes. But today teachers and parents blame unrestricted access to the internet as a means of wasting time. More and more schools agree that certain web-resources must be inaccessible at educational establishments.

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Social media are a great distraction from studying at schools as well as at home. Searching for materials to do homework students continually notice new interesting content on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. and for hours forget why actually they opened their browser. That is the reason why a simple homework transforms into late night activity. But at school the situation is not any better. Free access to social media makes students obsessed with the idea to check their profile or watch new videos during the lessons. Moreover, inappropriate content can be found on many sites but YouTube is on the top of the list. Obviously, it considerably decreases quality of studying and annoys teachers very much.

Blocking YouTube along with other popular among teenagers web-sites is a tool to concentrate students’ attention on lessons and not on their leisure time activities. It is not necessary to deprive schools of the access to the internet, but certain restrictions will make studying faster and easier for everyone. There are numerous services that allow to check and ban content in case it contains offensive material. However, it will not make any harm to studying if everything children can be addicted to is blocked at school.

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