July 6, 2017

Role of the artist in creating and executing the art form essay sample



Throughout the history, the role of artists has constantly changed. From the paid artisans to distracted romantics and back – painters adjusted their philosophy to the realities and trends. In the Middle Ages, artists were craftsmen whose work was appreciated if done quickly. Painters worked not only to leave their imprint but also for money. The Renaissance inspired artists to express power and wealth of the noblemen to highlight the greatness of the epoch. Besides, ideas of scientists and philosophers created a new intellectual art, the role of which was to depict discoveries. Baroque court artists worked to promote the aristocracy of their time, their wealth, beauty, and manners. Bohemian and Romantic artists focused on human thoughts and emotions. They created art for the sake of art, and also to express complicated human nature. Back to the Renaissance, it gave the way to revolutionary art. Modern painters aimed to depict society in the disturbing condition, underlining its faults and despair. As for postmodern artists, they became even more concerned with political and social matters.

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Thank to numerous historic changes, painting is more than a form of self-expression or earning money today. At the moment, artists see much more sense in expressing political social or emotional states rather than depicting beauty. Expression of reality gives birth to escapist ideas and acts as a catalyst of change at the same time. The role of an artist in the 21st century is clear – if you can see the problem, you can find a way to approach it.


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