June 26, 2018

Richard Cory by Edwin Arlington Robinson. Essay sample



As soon as one starts reading the poem ‘Richard Cory’ written by Edwin Arlington Robinson, one comes to the conclusion that its theme is depicted with the help of a perfect rhyme, simplicity and the use of irony. One can even say that ‘Richard Cory’ sounds like a song which may actually be true.

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Another vital aspect to highlight regarding the theme of the poem is the notion that appearances are deceiving. Irony is useful in a very skilful way so that to prove that. Taking into account the fact that the man in the poem commits suicide, it becomes clear why the poem itself is rather tragic. The effect of tragedy is even more intensified with the help of the song-like rhythm. It seems that people who live in the same town with the main character are the ones who tell the story. Thus, they are narrators. What should also be mentioned regarding the latter is that the people seem to be rather confused or even perplexed by what has happened. They are trying to find a reasonable explanation but fail to do so.

Apart from that, the ways in which people admired the main character Richard Cory are emphasized in the poem as well which presupposes that there are quite a few parts in which townspeople explain what he meant to them as well as why they loved him so much. To specify, townspeople describe Richard Cory as someone who always stood out from the crowd which is the reason why it is so hard for them to comprehend why he decided to commit suicide.


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