July 9, 2018

Richard Cory by Edwin Arlington Robinson. Essay sample


‘Richard Cory’ is considered to be the best-known poem by Edwin Arlington Robinson. It is about a mysterious villager by the name Richard Cory.

What is particularly interesting to highlight is that the poem is narrated by the collective ‘we’ who represent the citizens of the village. They tell the story of Richard Cory who they at first viewed as a respected gentleman. Later, they change their mind mainly because he committed suicide which basically meant that the citizens had no idea who this person was as well as what he was thinking about.

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At first, Richard Cory was even an object of envy and fascination among the people who lived in that village. He was viewed as a representative of royalty. Richard Cory was admired for his education, manners and wealth. However, they were totally ignorant of the problems he had to deal with which was the reason why news of his suicide came as shock to every citizen of the village. In other words, the people of the village showed no interest in his troubled soul.

One of the techniques which are used in this poem is irony with the help of which the author proves the fact that appearances are deceiving. Everyone thought that Richard Cory was a happy man mainly due to the fact that he had everything he needed to live a happy life. As it turned out, he had his own demons which he had to deal with but nobody seemed to care about that.

All in all, ‘Richard Cory’ is a masterfully written poem which once again highlights the fact that appearances are deceiving and that not everything a person sees means that it is 100% true.  

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