July 4, 2016

Renewable forms of energy should be subsidized by the government



Transition to renewable forms of energy appeared to be a problem even at the current stage of technological development. It seems natural that power plants which run on fossil fuels are going to be succeeded with batteries and turbines producing sustainable “green” energy, but for some reasons these processes develop much slower than people expected. Probably, only Germany is successfully implementing the plan on full transition to the renewable sources until 2050, and the other world simply observes what will come out of such transition.

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Renewable energy is already available in the US, but it is much more expensive than conventional electricity. Full transition seems impossible, at least in near decades, as the need in energy is continually rising, and no funds are provided to set new turbines instead of outdated power plants. Presumably, these funds shall come from the government, in the first place, as supply of the whole country with energy is a serious business. And without potent financial backing renewable sources of energy are unlikely to outstrip conventional plants.

Certainly, the federal government cannot be the only source of money which is necessary for every brunch of the state policy. But the matter of energy concerns really great sums that is why local authorities shall be involved and provide some money for setting batteries and turbines in every particular state. Such global target as green energy can be achieved only by combined efforts of all levels of authority in the US.

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