May 28, 2016

Public Spaces



We are surrounded by public spaces from everywhere. Roads, parks, squares, galleries, theaters – all these places we pass by every day were constructed to gather some amount of people who rush in their businesses or rest.  Public spaces are usually provided and taken care by a government, though sometimes new parks appear on the initiative of non-governmental organization which agreed upon its construction with the local authorities. Each kind of public spaces is aimed at conducting certain activities, which means that public manifestations can be appropriate not to all public spaces (we cannot arrange a political demonstration in the theater hall, for example). Actually, the notion of public space can be defined as a room or location to which all members of community have an open access. That is why almost every place we regularly visit is more or less public if it is not a private property.

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Public spaces perform several important functions for its visitors. The most obvious are that of demonstration, manifestation, gathering, and rest in such places. Nevertheless, every place has its peculiar restrictions on the range of actions appropriate for this particular area which are properly controlled by the police, as a rule.

Talking about public spaces we should not oversee that they are frequently treated as a perfect area for advertising. Being daily exposed to a greater part of population public spaces are usually full of banners and billboards. However, such use of space sometimes distorts a genuine architectural idea and uniqueness of area, for example, if it is of a historic value.


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