June 5, 2018

Public perception of nurses. Essay sample


Being a nurse is a very difficult job which requires a person to be responsible and alert as the lives of other people are dependent on a nurse and their ability to do their job properly. When one is working on a paper writing task dealing with such essay topic as the public perception of nurses, having a properly written sample will definitely come in handy.

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Speaking about the way in which nurses are perceived in the society, what one needs to highlight regarding the subject under consideration is that both men and women work as nurses. However, male nurses are not 100% properly accepted by the society as some people still have stereotypes regarding male and female professors. Thus, some people believe that being a nurse is not a male occupation which is a rather outdated point of view.

What should also be highlighted regarding the issue in question is that the way in which the public perceives nurses changes as soon as they start receiving nursing care. Therefore, those people who have been admitted to hospitals and were taken care of typically change their opinions about nurses even when they were rather negative or critical before.

Apart from that, it should also be mentioned that some patients tend not to trust their nurse believing that they know best. If that is the case, the patient needs to remember that a nurse has been professionally trained to do this job which is the reason why they are experts in the field who can be trusted. What is more, nurses are the ones who are always on hand in case a patient needs something. Thus, they are the ones who help the patient get better as fast as possible which is the reason why nurses should definitely be treated with respect, not to mention the fact that they should also be admired for the big amount of selfless work which they do on a daily basis.

All in all, the perception of nurses in the society is rapidly changing as more as more people get rid of stereotypes regarding male nurses. What is more, the hard work which nurses put in every say is appreciated by the patients more often these days.


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