July 2, 2016

Provide reasons for a shorter school week with longer days or for a longer week with shorter days



School schedule makes a strong impact upon the well-being of students as it regulates their everyday activities. Modern schedule is, certainly, more tight that it was some thirty years ago, as the number of subjects continually rise, besides, the school program has become much more compressed these days. Nevertheless, educators press upon reform in school education which will obviously affect amount of time students bring at school.

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The pressure on students is continually increasing, which is caused by demanding requirements towards high school graduates and hasty rhythms of modern life. Obviously, a typical day of every active and energetic student does not consist of mere schooling. A wide rage of extracurricular activities like clubs, sections, personal interests take a certain amount of time, which can be used for a number of businesses, not even mentioning homework that shall be treated as a part of schooling. For this reason rearrangement of school schedule must be reasonable and leave a student time for personal development. The only way to achieve this goal is to make longer weeks and shorter days of studying.

Cutting school week by extending days does not make any sense. Even now students have their time limits tight enough to complain about it. Obviously, there is no reason to make situation even worse for sake of one extra day off as it will not help to manage all the amount of homework and diminish stress anyway. And this message is addressed not only to authorities: students themselves must manage their time so that they do not have to sleep only few hours at night.

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