May 28, 2016

Prostitution – should it be made legal



Prostitution is one of those numerous negative phenomena which are condemned by a majority of people, who are perfectly aware that it exists. Different opinions are presented by the adherents of business in any form and the advocates of morality. The topic is quite delicate and concerns interpersonal connection, that is why opponents of prostitution can argue referring to mere social norms and accepted morality code. Nevertheless, a considerable percentage of people suppose that as a voluntary activity aiming on earning money prostitution shall be justified and legalized.

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Without touching upon morality issues, prostitution means making sex with the aim to get money. Sticking to this point of view a certain amount of people claim that prostitution alongside with gambling shall be legal and bring profits officially. But still treating such activities as normal is going to distort moral values of humans and let down the whole system of social norms. The evidence that any social phenomenon exists and is not particularly banned does not always mean that it is a positive and sound reality.

Legalization of prostitution is not as harmless as it may seem, first of all, because it is going to drag a huge corruption in the field. Even now we are aware of a high rate of kidnapping and trafficking with the aim to force women into the business. After the legalization this tendency is going to exacerbate. Besides, children shall not be taught that a prostitute is as good occupation as a sales-manager, for example. Not everything that brings profit is positive, and appreciating money above all other values is demoralizing as well.

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